Two old dial telephones were under the bar. Look at the dust build-up on them! And the digits are all stained by tobacco smoke. Like everything in the bar.  

Pressman Burt Keylon with heavy-pouring bartender Barney DeLap. Barney's cigar looks to be growing out of his face.  

Allen McVeigh Retires! (page 2)

"Scotty, beam over a couple tumblers of Saurian brandy please!"

Pixie lady returns, and that's Walter Addiego waving a bill -- "Drink here, please!"

The woman in the turtleneck is Jackie Butler... "Georgie, can I have another drinkie-poo?"  

A coupl'a Irish, I be guessin'.

Everett Henderson on the right, and Lee Wittwer is grinning back toward the left... I see an Olympia beer sign behind Lee. Oly was the lighter beer served by the M&M. Coors, because of its non-union practices, was not stocked at the M&M. Outside the bar somebody -- Not an M&M employee! They'd never deface public property! -- had stenciled "Boycott Coors Beer" on both Howard and 5th Street sidewalks. 

Lynn Boldenweck listens to Tom Nunan.

John and Sharon Pettigrew. The M&M menu is captured in the background. In 1979 John supervised the demolition of the interior of the Hotel George, above the M&M. Working for John was one of my best summer jobs. The old Hotel was transformed into eight apartments.  

The kitchen crew.

Fred Faber with the glasses.

Bartender Scotty takes his shift.

Jim Irving at the pumps.

Quite a crowd packed the place that day!

Allen, Fran, Tom, and Mart McVeigh. And left of Allen is Lee Wittwer, who also bartended at the M&M for a time.  

She's halfway through a blink but she still looks good!  

Fran McVeigh with friend and science writer Jane Eshleman Conant.

My sister Margaret seems to have avoided a front-view photo... until this was snapped! She's at the right, and the other sister Sharon is smiling there in the middle.

Allen with Cathy and Fran Ortiz.

Cameramen seem to naturally seek each other out.  

The newspaper artist drew this caricature of Allen, signed by many friends.  

My cousin Bill Jennings and his wife Bonnie were driving by, saw the commotion and came in. They're at the left. Small world, isn't it? 

"You looking at me? Are you looking at me?" Ray Alkire of The Examiner.  

Kathy Ortiz, Fran's lovely wife.  

Three or four tables were arranged north and east of the horseshoe bar. They were good for groups such as this one.