Sometimes life is very good.

Knox Bronson and his wife in the middle. Knox has a website... google it.

Jim McEvoy in the hat. The other two guys I saw a lot, but don't know their names.

An intense conversation over drinks happens.

Wayne Otto is the overexposed face at the left, and a bashful Everett Henderson calls the field goal "Good!"  

Lloyd Gartner in the middle. Larry Watts is one of the other guys. Lloyd used crutches, and refused assistance as he got in and out of his bar seat. Lloyd's heart needed no crutches... it was a dynamo. 

Bob Dahl (hat), Sheridan (sweater), and Barney (cigar).

Here's Mel Anderson and a friend merrily choking each other. As if the cigarettes weren't enough!

Bartender Jim Irving putting his wrist into it. Customer Joe Jawad looking contemplative... "So many liquors and so little time..." 

Mel Anderson (in glasses) hanging with some buds. Jerry Leseberg is one of them. Feel free to contact me to clarify the situation.

***********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************The Band
In Allen's photobook he had "Volunteer Band. Good!" captioned beside these photos. The tip jar is pretty full so it looks like the customers appreciated their music too! My mother Fran McVeigh told me these guys were driving by, saw the activity, and asked if they could play. In true ad hoc M&M fashion room was made and the band played on!  

Here is Fran Ortiz, Kim Komenich, and a third shutter-bug name TBD.

All work and no play.... These Jacks of the photography trade knew how to take a break. 

Kim Komenich snaps at customers while Jims Irving and Sculley serve them.


Usually the only persons allowed behind the bar were the barkeeps. But free access given to the photographers resulted in many excellent shots... camera shots, that is! Fran Ortiz grants passage to bartender Jim Irving.

In March 1985, at the age of sixty-one, Al McVeigh decided to call it a day for the last time as owner of the M&M Tavern. Of course, such an event called for a celebration!  â€‹

Allen McVeigh Retires!

​Retirement Party March 8, 1985

Al McVeigh with Rocky Johnson -- that's the lady's name! I loved knowing a woman named Rocky! I don't know the name of the pleasant-faced fellow in the middle.

This is photo #61 from my father's album.

My brother Tom overexposed at the left. Sister Sharon and her husband John Pettigrew in the middle.

An attractive couple.... Nice dress, Miss!

I could put in a sarcastic comment about inspecting ear wax, but these two look like they're enjoying themselves so I won't spoil it. 

Michael Dougan appears to be grabbing Lloyd Gartner's change. I suspect there's a story here.

The woman in the striped shirt is accosting someone -- but he seems to be enjoying it! Behind is Michael Dougan trying to hear through the din.


Following are selected photographs from that day. I have included names as were labeled in Allen's album. There are a lot more photos than I have posted here, and many had been removed and (I suppose) given away.  


Jim Allison listens to Selah Zimmerman. Fred Zimmerman is behind Jim. Barney DeLap and Babe Dahl at the right.  

Michael Dougan finally looks at the camera. Marsha Ginsberg is the woman with great smile.  

Some gals enjoying drink and conversation.

A pretty lady with something to say.

Outside the main entrance is Frank Galo and company.  

Mr. Larry D. Hatfield.

Madeline Ramos, with Bill Boldenweck right behind, and Michael Dougan behind Bill. Guy with mustache... dunno him.

Jim Scully answers the phone: "Is Al Kolic there?" "Lemme see.... is there an Al Kolic here?" ha ha ha . It was rumored The Chronicle had a dedicated hotline to the M&M... which I suspect is an exaggeration. Maybe an auto-dial entry, but not a dedicated phone. Notice the pressmen name labels on the post behind Jim. And $1.45 on the register -- cost of a drink in 1985. 

At the left is a shot of me by the ice machine, a picture taken by Kim Komenich using his professional equipment and abilities. Then you see my picture of Kim, all dim and grainy, taken with my mom's affordable Nikon. I like the juxtaposition of the customers' images taken moments apart.

Steve Cottrell and Jim Irving by the ice machine.

It was pretty crowded inside. People standing out by the Howard Street entrance.

Lynn Ludlow and Jim Scully lean in to converse... probably about the next round of drinks.

Walter Addiego with a pretty smiling lady named Monica.

Bob Lee at full throttle.

Allen McVeigh and Madeline Ramos perform a duet.

The colorful woman is Marion Reynolds.

Jim Sculley works at the 5th Street end of the bar. The square-jawed fellow behind him is suspected to be Garland Bryant Sr.  

Jim McEvoy salutes a fellow patron.

The inevitable retirement speech ensues.

And where there's a band, there should be dancing!


The revelry spilled into the kitchen. Here are Fran Ortiz, Michael Dougan, and a Pixie Lady.

The above photo attests to Miller Lite beer catching on sometime in the early 1980's.  

Someone dropped in from a James Joyce story.

At the corner of 5th and Howard are Joe Shea, Dick Alexander, Don Fortune, and someone else. Barney scowls in the back.  

Jim and Carol Appenrodt bought the M&M from Allen and briefly owned it before it was bought by a greek fellow named Tasso. 

Practicing for a Budweiser ad?

What's the customer want from Fran? To make sure he photographs his good side?

Free food was served -- meatballs, weenies, cole slaw, etc -- as this photo can attest to. You can see the old telephone booth behind the "Broncos" fan; that's where my brother Dan used to take naps during his dishwasher shift.  

Sports writer, and a great guy I had the pleasure to know, King Thompson. RIP King.